A Better Way of Being In The World

Salt, Light & A Return to the Calling

Pastor Dave Romoser • September 3, 2017 • Matthew 5:13-16

Pastor Dave closes the series with a look into Jesus' empowering declaration to his followers

3 Images, 2 Groups & 1 Decision

Pastor Dave Romoser • August 27, 2017 • Matthew 7:13-29

Jesus wraps up his "sermon on the mount" with a series of images and reminders of how intentional our commitment to follow him must be if we're to find the life that is the real life in the end.

The Key to A Perfect Life

Pastor Dave Romoser • August 20, 2017 • Matthew 5:43-48

Jesus teaches that loving our enemies is somehow intricately connected to "being perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect".

I've Got The Power

Pastor Dave Romoser • August 13, 2017 • Matthew 5:38-42

Many are familiar with the "turn the other cheek" expression and Jesus' teaching along those lines from the Sermon on the Mount. But what if we've misunderstood what he's really trying to say? But what if the message isn't really what it appears to be on the surface.. and there's something deeper and more profoundly Kingdom-oriented just beneath it?

Leverage, Lies & Lashon Horah

Pastor Dave Romoser • August 6, 2017 • Matthew 5:33-37

Jesus segues from divorce to oaths and challenges us to understand and wrestle with the power of our words

Christ, Divorce, Justice and the Church

Pastor Grant Romoser-Claunch • July 23, 2017 • Matthew 5:31-32

Building on themes given earlier in his great Sermon on the Mount Jesus was entering into a long-standing conversation, engaging the world around him, and addressing injustices all surrounding divorce. Perhaps his words on the matter have a lot more to offer than we might have initially thought. Perhaps he's beckoning the Church to seek justice for the hurt.

When "She" Becomes A "That"

Pastor Dave Romoser • July 9, 2017 • Matthew 5:27-30

Jesus continues his strategic teaching on what it looks like to live in the Kingdom of God by addressing the dangers of the lustful heart. With a brilliant, if not absurd "wake up call", he targets an element of our humanity that we tend to minimize, and invites us to consider its vast potential for destruction

The Most Universally Shared Addiction

Pastor Dave Romoser • July 2, 2017 • Matthew 5:21-26

Pick up any paper, watch the news on any network and the top stories will almost always center around some kind of tragedy that emerged from the depths of an angry heart. In his sermon on the mount, Jesus strategically begins this section of the discourse by addressing the hidden and deadly power of anger that's left to simmer unchecked.

The Lens That Makes All the Difference

Pastor Dave Romoser • June 25, 2017 • Matthew 5:17-20

For many, the primary experience of the Christian faith is as a religious system consisting of specific "do's and don'ts" to adhere to. While there's some truth to that being part of the journey, it's not what Jesus saw as God's "end goal" or the greatest desire for His children. Throughout his ministry, Jesus kept insisting that there was a better way to live... a better way of being in the world. He called it "eternal life" or the "Kingdom of Heaven" and discovering how to experience life in that reality changes everything.