Living Free

Learning to Walk In The Way of Jesus

I Am One of Those People

Pastor Dave Romoser • September 20, 2015

Pastor Dave opens a new series designed to discover the relationship between the teachings of Jesus and the 12 Steps of recovery, recognizing that we are all "one of those people" who are broken and in need of healing and wholeness

You Are "HERE"

Pastor Dave Romoser • September 27, 2015

The beginning point in recovery - and in every journey towards spiritual flourishing - is the same. In one word, it's POWERLESSNESS. Pastor Dave discusses three decisions that are fundamental to taking the very first step towards living free.

Trust Is A Journey

Pastor Dave Romoser • October 4, 2015 • Luke 15

The second step into a life of freedom is a journey of trust. The recovery movement states it this way: "We came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity." In Luke 15, the young man we know as the prodigal son "comes to believe" as his life crashes and he finds himself wishing he could just go back home - a return to sense of love and belonging. Shari Youchoff shares her journey as a recovering addict and the way in which her faith and participation in recovery continues to enable her to stay in the journey of trust as she experiences the love and grace of God

Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God

Pastor Dave Romoser • October 11, 2015

The third step in recovery involves turning over our life to the care of God, as we understood him. Unfortunately, when many people think of God, their only image is that of an angry, cruel being who is just waiting for them to fail so that he can punish them. This is a tragic misunderstanding that surfaces in a variety of expressions of toxic religion. The author of Hebrews states that Jesus is the exact representation of God. In other words, if you want to know what God is like, if you want to know how he feels about you, look at Jesus. The truth that can free us to entrust our lives to him is this: God's primary disposition towards you is love. Whoever you are. Whatever you believe. Regardless of your past or how you feel about him. God's primary disposition towards you is love.

Victory In Surrender

Pastor Dave Romoser • October 18, 2015 • Matthew 10:38-39

Surrender always feels a bit like a form of death. We resist it... fight it. That's because, for the most part, surrender has always been about "giving up". In Step 3 of the recovery movement is about surrender. Turning your life over to God as you understand him. The difference between this form of surrender and what we've most often experienced is that this is not a "giving up"... it's a "giving to". And that makes all the difference.

Into The Shadows

Pastor Dave Romoser • October 25, 2015

Taking a "fearless and moral inventory" tends to be the kind of exercise none of us look forward to. Taking stock of what lurks in the shadows of our heart can be scary because there tends to be a number of voices in the shadows ready to shame and condemn us - including our own. But the truth is, some of our greatest opportunities for growth are waiting in the shadows.

The Last Thing We Expected Was The Thing We Most Needed

Pastor Dave Romoser • November 1, 2015

Many of us have figured out that confessing our brokenness to someone we trust can be very healing. But how do you feel about confessing all your shameful stuff to God? What if God's response was the last thing you expected to hear but the thing that you most needed?

Get On The Bus

Alex Giltner • November 8, 2015

Through the lens of C.S. Lewis' "The Great Divorce", Alex unpacks the challenges of our need to hold on to our broken patterns of living as addicts to sin.

The Hardest Question

Pastor Dave Romoser • November 15, 2015

In Step 7 of recovery, we ask God to remove all our character defects. Why should we have to ask God to do that? The truth is that this step helps us move from a gospel that focuses primarily on "becoming good people" to the gospel of the Kingdom that's about "becoming the kind of person through whom good things naturally flow."

The Path to REALationship

Pastor Dave Romoser • November 22, 2015

Why is it so hard to apologize sometimes? Truthfully, the harder thing isn't the apology, it's crossing the line where we decide that we're going to do that. Taking the first step to become willing to have that conversation is at the heart of Step 8. You could say that there's the thing we naturally do... and then there's the thing we need to do if we really intend to live free.

Making It Right

Pastor Dave Romoser • November 29, 2015

There are few things more entrapping than holding onto resentment... and still we do. But making amends is more than just apologizing. There's a way to do it that leads to freedom and relationship and there's the way that makes things worse.

Practice Makes Progress

Pastor Dave Romoser • December 6, 2015

Learning to live free isn't a matter of what we learn...it's about what we do. Most of us know the kinds of choices we should make on any given day. The real issue is whether or not we will. When it comes to finding the life that Jesus says is the real life, we'll always be a work in progress, but we can keep moving forward if we're continually willing to just take the next right step.

Conscious Contact

Pastor Dave Romoser • December 13, 2015

There are few things more life-giving than wise counsel from a trusted friend. Most of us recognize that those who love us and know us best can often help guide us when we're uncertain. Step 11 is about learning to have an intentional and fruitful dialogue with God so as seek to find our way in the world. After all, who knows us better or loves us more? Barbara Brown Taylor asks: "Do you trust that what comes to you is for you?" Stephanie Krauss shares her journey to finding God through a maze of chaos and learning how to expect and sense his presence in day to day life.

Love Gives

Pastor Dave Romoser • December 20, 2015

The natural result of living life in the way of Jesus - the free life - will be what the recovery movement calls a spiritual awakening. In other words, there's who you were made to be and how you were meant to live and when you find it, it's like waking up. The beautiful part of waking up spiritually is that you find that you can't keep what you've found to yourself. Because when you discover that you're loved as you are and you begin to wake up to new dimensions of life and freedom, you naturally want others to experience it too.