Proverbs : 2019

Wisdom For The 21st Century

Participating In Prosperity

Pastor Dave Romoser • March 10, 2019

While God desires for us to experience prosperity, the biblical wisdom tradition provides insight into significant ways in which that is different from our general cultural understanding

Healing Disordered Anger

Pastor Dave Romoser • March 3, 2019

Anger may be the most misunderstood, and as a result, most destructive emotions in our lives. How do we recognize and heal from our own destructive anger and how do we learn how to deal with it when it's directed at us?

When Anger Is The Wise Response

Pastor Dave Romoser • February 24, 2019

The most difficult aspect of wrestling with our anger may be learning how to be wise in our feeling and expression of anger. Understanding it's relationship to love is where that journey begins

A Word To The Wise

Pastor Dave Romoser • February 3, 2019

Of all the subjects in the book of Proverbs, understanding how to be wise with our words is addressed more than any other topic outside of wisdom itself. Words are the building blocks of all reality and have tremendous power for life and death. What does it look like to learn to use our words in such a way that we, and those around us, can flourish?

Everybody Plays The Fool

Pastor Dave Romoser • January 27, 2019

In the ancient near east it was understood that pursuing wisdom would lead to the best experience of life. To accumulate wisdom meant that you were seeking to understand how things really are and how they're interrelated so that you can make the right decision. That's what it meant to be wise. They also had language for those who did not pursue wisdom. They were called fools. What does it mean, according to the Scriptures, to be a fool?

The Light Shines In The Darkness

Pastor Dave Romoser • January 20, 2019

According to the ancient wisdom traditions, wisdom is a path. The journey is always step by step, right foot, left foot... One grows in wisdom by taking the next right step. While everyone's path is unique in some ways, there's a path that everyone walks at some point, and this path in particular can lead to great wisdom

The Foolishness of an Unexamined Life

Pastor Dave Romoser • January 13, 2019

If every decision that will have a significant impact on your life requires wisdom, the question becomes: "How do I get wisdom?" (The recording from last week's series opener is not available due to technical issues. We apologize for the inconvenience! )