Kingdom Power In A Political World


November 13, 2022 • Dave Romoser

Pastor Dave responds to the questions that have been submitted throughout the series.


November 6, 2022 • Dave Romoser

In this final teaching of the series Pastor Dave explores a specific scene in the life of Jesus where he's confronted with a trap having to do with the overlap of the kingdom of the world and the Kingdom of God. And once again, in his response, doesn't let the kingdom of the world set the agenda but redirects the question with a third way response.

Harboring A Near Enemy

October 30, 2022 • Dave Romoser

One of the greatest long term damages done to the cause of the Kingdom happens when we unknowingly mistake the civil religion of "Christianity" for the good news of the Kingdom of God Jesus announced and demonstrated

A Matter of Trust

October 23, 2022 • Dave Romoser

When the people of God fuse their calling and identity with the "kingdoms of the world" - those institutions that govern us - the outcome not only brings conflict and destruction to the world around us. It does grave damage to the Church in ways that we often don't even recognize.

A Destructive Fusion

October 16, 2022 • Dave Romoser

Pastor Dave explores one of the enemy’s greatest deceptions to the Church throughout history.

The Foolishness of God

October 9, 2022 • Dave Romoser

We live and direct our "kingdom" (power to choose) within the realms of what the Scripture refers to as "the kingdoms of the world" and "the Kingdom of God". And yet, what is meant by those terms and how they intersect is rarely understood and lies at the heart of the tensions and divisions that only seem to be escalating all around us.

Three Kingdoms

October 2, 2022 • Dave Romoser

Pastor Dave opens the series with a look at the three primary systems of power or "kingdoms" that shape our lives and the relationship between them.