The God Who Speaks: Dialogue With The Divine

Q&R | "I Feel The Need..."

Pastor Dave Romoser • October 13, 2019

Pastor Dave walks through the questions and challenges surrounding the dangers of living a "hurried life" and unpacks the pathway to experiencing freedom from all the ways that it hinders our experience of real Life

Q&R | "What Is The Role of the Holy Spirit?"

Pastor Dave Romoser • October 6, 2019

Pastor Dave responds to a question posed during the series regarding the role of the Holy Spirit in the context of the life of one seeking to live as an apprentice of Jesus

The Life You Were Meant For

Pastor Dave Romoser • September 22, 2019

Pastor Dave wraps up the series with questions thoughts about the bigger picture... Why is hearing from God so vital to our existence? Is it possible to live a good life without intentionally pursuing an ongoing conversation with the Divine?

Living In The Flow

Pastor Dave Romoser • September 15, 2019

Engaging the dialogue with the Divine requires a certain intentionality and a certain of understanding the nature of God as the perfect, loving parent... particularly when the "still small voice" goes silent

What Does God Want?

Pastor Dave Romoser • September 8, 2019

To understand God's will requires that we first - at least in broad strokes - understand what God wants... What was the primary desire in the mind of the Creator when he spoke all things into existence and the wired and called us to find our place within it?

Dialogue, Doubt and the Dance

Pastor Dave Romoser • September 1, 2019

Learning to hear the voice of God requires that we be willing to take the risk of exploring our doubts in dialogue with the Divine in order for our faith to take the shape of confidence and trust rather than merely intellectual assent

But How Do I Know It's God Speaking...?

Pastor Dave Romoser • August 25, 2019

Central to the biblical narrative is the understanding that the God who spoke all things into existence continues to speak into his world and to those made in his image. The question is, how do we hear his voice and discern what he wants?

Misunderstanding The Dialogue

Pastor Dave Romoser • August 18, 2019

Given that communication is the life-blood of every relationship and is, at the same time, a lot more complicated, layered, and nuanced than we generally acknowledge, are there ways that we may be misunderstanding or misinterpreting the nature or the means of God's speaking to us?

This Is Headed Somewhere...

Pastor Dave Romoser • August 11, 2019

The essence of the with-God life is relationship. It's what God is, what God wants, and how God wired us to experience him most powerfully. What does that look like? What happens when I choose to respond to his invitation into the "circle dance" of Father, Son and Spirit?

Marduk, Middle School and the Nature of Ultimate Reality

Pastor Dave Romoser • August 4, 2019

Everyone lives from a deep sense of what we believe about how the world works and what the driving engine is underneath the way the universe is designed to flow. We live and move in the world from that space, those perceptions. To understand how to be in relationship with the Divine, we need to understand the story we embrace and how it shapes our understanding of how to live in the world as part of God's grand creation project.