The Cross: Exploring The Mystery of Its Power & Paradox

Resurrection Sunday

Pastor Dave Romoser • April 21, 2019

Resurrection Sunday is the central reality that changes everything for human history. In light of what they believed it meant about the future, what did the early church understand about it's implications for their present and is there something we've missed along the way?

It Was What It Was... Until It Wasn't

Pastor Dave Romoser • April 14, 2019

In a brilliant move, Jesus sets the wheels in motion for the kingdom showdown at the cross in ways that no one foresaw and with the reinterpretation of a familiar meal.

According To The Scriptures

Pastor Dave Romoser • April 7, 2019

Central to understanding the greater purpose and deepest revelation of the cross is understanding the story from which it emerges. How do the Hebrew Scriptures set the stage for this key event in the story of God's involvement in human history?

The Elephant In The Room

Pastor Dave Romoser • March 24, 2019

Stories from Love Our City: Pastor Lindsey interviews the team who went to Reynosa, Mexico last December and they share the highlights of this new opportunity in partnership with Strategic Alliance. / Pastor Lindsey also interviews Danielle Adair who is leading out in Newsong's participation in World Vision's 2019 Global 6K for Water coming up on May 4th. Pastor Dave closes the service by exploring some of the challenging dynamics that often accompany the modern day interpretation of the cross and it's relationship to what's often communicated as "the gospel".

A Story Within A Story Within The Story

Pastor Dave Romoser • March 17, 2019

For over 2000 years, people from all races, backgrounds, cultures, political and economical perspectives have been drawn to the cross. While fully aware that it represents one of humankind's most horrific torture devices, it's worn as jewelry, printed on t-shirts and bumper stickers, carved and painted by renowned artists and displayed in beautiful cathedrals around the world. While we have some understanding of its purpose in history and faith, there's a mystery to it that is rich and complex and full of possibility for seeing the world in a whole new light. How can it continue to transform our lives now... some 2000 years later?