The Radical Story of How God Is Rescuing The World

Introduction to Romans

Alex Giltner • January 3, 2016

Alex introduces the grand narrative that is the underlying framework for what might be considered the Apostle Paul's most brilliant defense of the Gospel

Three Words

Pastor Dave Romoser & Alex Giltner • January 10, 2016

Pastor Dave & Alex Giltner "tag team" teach about the gospel, salvation, and the justice of God

The Human Tendency

Pastor Dave Romoser • January 17, 2016

In a brilliant and unexpected twist, Paul reminds his fellow believers that, while the world is spiraling into chaos and brokenness, they are no different than those whom they are often so quick to condemn

Give Me The Bad News First

Pastor Dave Romoser • January 24, 2016

Paul begins to walk his readers through a "deconstruction and reconstruction" process as he challenges their belief that "its the label on the outside that determines the content" when it comes to circumcision and righteousness

A New Tune

Grant Claunch • February 7, 2016

Grant opens up the passage where the Apostle Paul reminds his readers of the sinfulness and guilt of all mankind before God and works through the nuances of Paul's language of justice, righteousness and salvation that are often misunderstood because of the gaps of time and translation

Hope Upon Hope

Pastor Dave Romoser & Alex Giltner • February 14, 2016

Pastor Dave and Alex Giltner tag-team teach once again and takes us into the heart of the covenant between God and Abraham that is central and critical to God's plan for rescuing the whole world

Becoming Human

Alex Giltner • February 21, 2016

Paul unveils a new way of seeing and understanding the humanity of Jesus as a means of helping us discover how to capture the bigger picture of God's original design for humanity and respond by pursuing our own full humanity in Him.

Through The Waters

Pastor Dave Romoser • February 28, 2016

Paul leverages the grand narrative of the Exodus and it's impact in the Hebrew understanding to highlight the freedom found in Christ as balanced against the responsibility to not abuse the grace it provides

The Critical Twist

Pastor Dave Romoser • March 6, 2016

In a powerful display of Paul's brilliance and capacity to wrestle with the depths of the realities of both the law and sin, he reveals the tension between the two and God's grand "twist" in bringing about the rescue and redemption of the world

The Beauty of Character from Crisis

Pastor Tim Giltner • March 13, 2016

Paul's masterful crescendo to this letter reveals the power of the gospel to rescue and redeem all of creation as God works from within the suffering and brokenness that is present to reconcile all things to Himself in the most beautiful and transformative ways


Alex Giltner • March 20, 2016

Alex brings the series to a close as he summarizes the final points and deeper implications of Paul's grand defense of the gospel in this letter to the congregation in Rome