Lenses On Scripture

Kingdom Living & Broken Roofs

And When They Had Broken Through...

July 21, 2019 • Dave Romoser • Mark 2:1–12

Pastor Dave closes the series with the reminder that the life in the Kingdom is guided by faith and the willingness, at times, to take the initiative in order for God to use us in extraordinary ways to bring about the healing and flourishing of the world around us

Hope and the Church

July 14, 2019 • Tim Giltner • Mark 2:1–12

What does it look like for the church to become the hope of the world and what is our role in bringing hope to those who have no hope?

The Communal Process of Healing

July 7, 2019 • Lindsey Apple • Mark 2:1–12

The power of healing within a community requires all of humanity to truly see another and demonstrate authentic presence. Jesus invites us to see the plight of another, like the four men saw the paralyzed man in the crowd in Mark 2:1-12, and to break through barriers so that we all experience the healing power of a God who not only heals the man’s disease, but also heals the societal illness. This journey requires all of us to daily practice humility and honesty.

Healing Illness

June 30, 2019 • Grant Romoser-Claunch • Mark 2:1–12

The beginning verses of Mark 2 offer a lot to reflect on, but it can be confusing: It seems like two different conversations are going on. One is about a guy who could not walk now being able to, and the other about sins being forgiven. All of this scene is backdropped by the added drama of a roof getting smashed in and Jesus praising the faith of the vandals. Jesus, as should be expected, is masterful in using his words and actions. Very carefully and lovingly he brings about a deeper, fuller healing - the kind of healing that's actually most needed: a healing of the "illness" and not just the "disease."