Seeing The Sacred - 2023

The Logical Song - Supertramp

July 23, 2023 • Dave Romoser

From the time we're born, our life is a story intended to have meaning and a growing sense of joy and wonder like that of a child discovering the world around them. What causes us to lose sight of that or to miss why it is that we're here and experience our God given purpose?

Higher Love - Kygo/Whitney Houston

July 16, 2023 • Lindsey Apple

Whether it’s the Biblical Prophets or the current-day prophets among us, we are invited to practice a Prophetic Imagination that holds our everyday circumstances in hopeful tension with a Higher Love. NOTE: Due to technical issues, there is no video version of the service. We apologize for the inconvenience!

You Found Me - The Fray

July 9, 2023 • Dave Romoser

Suffering and loss are part of the human experience and one of the most natural reasons why so many question God or abandon hope that He exists. Like Job, when the rug is pulled from our lives in the most painful and tragic way, we want to understand where God was and why He allowed it to happen. On a very real level, we want Him to be accountable.

Fast Car - Tracy Chapman

July 2, 2023 • Grant Romoser-Claunch

What do Tracy Chapman's iconic song Fast Car and Jesus' conversation with the rich young man have in common? Maybe more than we might initially think. Underneath both is an expression and feeling of longing: longing for something more, something deeper, something better. But why do we feel longing? What's the purpose? And how does the feeling of longing relate to God?

Viva La Vida - Coldplay

June 25, 2023 • Dave Romoser

The “will to power” is hard wired into our DNA. It is part of our calling in the garden and our destiny in the Kingdom… But the way we were designed to exercise it flows against the current of our culture and our nature. Is there a way to hold power without being drawn in to its addictive nature and destructive cycle?

Stonecatcher - Marcus Mumford

June 11, 2023 • Grant Romoser-Claunch

What is the power of a choice? In his song, "Stonecatcher", Marcus Mumford weaves personal experience and biblical narrative to explore the ability to choose, leading to implications of character formation, and the power of choosing life and healing over continuing the cycle of harm.