Becoming Fully Human

Hearing God

Pastor Dave Romoser • April 3, 2016

The great desire of God is that his creation would flourish...all of it! Jesus says, "I've come that you might have life in abundance!" His own life was the display of what a "flourishing" life looks like. His offer of the Kingdom available here and now in him was an invitation to a life of flourishing... now. What are the essential necessities if we're to find that life? To start with, we need to discover how to hear from the author of all creation.

Step Down and Move to the Margins

Pastor Dave Romoser • April 10, 2016

The Apostle Paul talks about Jesus as representing the "new humanity". In other words, Jesus' life represents what being "fully human" was always intended to be. So, as the only truly "fully human" person to have walked the earth, we're discovering that the way to flourish is, as Dallas Willard phrases it, to "learn from Jesus how he would live my life if he were me". So, what are the priorities in Jesus' life? What does he say those are? How can we learn from how he lives those out as well? As we understand the overarching priorities and patterns, we'll find the path to a flourishing life to be far more consistent.

Fundamentals: Generosity

Pastor Dave Romoser • April 17, 2016

Living a life of flourishing requires that we live in harmony with four fundamental relationships that are integral to life in the way God designed from the beginning: 1) harmony with God; 2) harmony with each other; 3) harmony within myself; and 4) harmony with creation. What are some of the fundamental principles of flourishing when it comes to finding harmony within myself? In other words, how should I live and move in the world in order to live a fuller, more joyful life? Generosity is one of the fundamentals of a life of flourishing. Pastor Dave examines generosity through the words of Jesus and a challenge God issues to his people in the Old Testament.

Fundamentals: Living In Rhythm

Pastor Dave Romoser • April 24, 2016

Part of living a life that flourishes is learning to live in the flow of the way things are. There's a design and a rhythm that exists in creation for a reason. For example, we all recognize the flow that comes with each season of the year, whether we relate that to schedules for school and work or whether your a farmer or simply enjoy the outdoors. Woven into the fabric of creation is another rhythm. The Scriptures talk about the Sabbath as being an integral part of the flow of life. 6 days we work and 1 day we rest. Living in the rhythm of the Sabbath is a fundamental principle for flourishing when it comes to finding harmony and balance within our own lives.

Fundamentals: Practicing the Restoring of Shalom

Pastor Dave Romoser • May 1, 2016 • Colossians 3:17

On average, people will spend 90,000 hours at work over the course of their life. Unfortunately, statistics show that somewhere around 80% of people don't like their job. What could flourishing look like when it comes to engaging the world with your talents and passion in your work? The question we need to explore is this: "How do I 'learn from Jesus how he would do my work if he were me?'" Listen to the compelling story of Justin and Mindy Jefferson who farm in Alhambra but have been using their gifts, talents, passion in a work half way around the world in Rwanda and Uganda.

Mother's Day

Pastor Dave Romoser • May 8, 2016

Flourishing in the Kingdom involves engaging our lives at the place where are calling, giftedness and passion intersect with the Kingdom. Listen to the Mother's Day story of Lindsey Apple, a relatively new Mom who's discovering her own intersection with the Kingdom as she pursues her calling, giftedness and passion both at home and at work.

An Echo of a Voice and Imaging God

Pastor Dave Romoser • May 15, 2016

There's a flow underneath the story of God's work in the human history... a tension within all of creation for all things to finally be set right. Finding an abundant, flourishing life within that tension is rooted in who we are as image bearers of God and followers of Christ, learning from Jesus as the model of the new humanity.