Family Matters

Passing Along A Vibrant Faith

Make It Personal

Pastor Lindsey Apple • July 24, 2016 • Interview: Romoser family

Lindsey wraps up the series with: 1) a reminder that God isn't looking for the "picture perfect" family, but the family that will allow Him to tell a story of redemption and restoration through them; and 2) the priority of the parents' ownership of faith in order to influence their children and leave a legacy of authentic vibrant faith in the midst of everyday life.

Create A Rhythm

Pastor Dave Romoser • July 17, 2016

Raising a family to live from a faith that is vibrant and authentic is less a matter of following a formula or certain religious systems with the goal of gaining all the right answers or getting it all "right"... Instead, Moses gives brilliant insight into the simple ways that parents can pass on that kind of faith to their children through the normal repeated patterns of daily living

Fight For The Heart

Pastor Dave Romoser • July 3, 2016

Moses introduces a command uttered for the very first time in the history of God's people and gives us insight into the transformational power of trust and love as we discover that God has been modeling this dynamic throughout the story of the Scripture.

Imagine The End

Pastor Dave Romoser • June 19, 2016

Most parents would agree that raising a family is a daunting task... Every new parent struggles with questions like: What are the most important things to teach our kids? What if we don't get it all right? How will I know if they're going to turn out ok? What does it look like to "pass down" a vibrant legacy of faith? Pastor Dave walks through some of these realities with reassurance and, for some of us, some much needed good news!

Widening The Circle

Pastor Lindsey Apple • June 12, 2016

Pastor Lindsey, in her teaching debut at Newsong, shares her story and her passion for the necessary work of community within the church as a means of passing along an authentic faith to the next generation

Picture Perfect

Pastor Dave Romoser • June 5, 2016

From the beginning, the family has been the primary cornerstone of society. It is the original design for community in the garden of Eden and one of the common metaphors for the larger community of God's people. So it's safe to say that the family is a key component in God's overall design for humanity. But what does a "normal" family look like and what role does it play in the restoration movement of the Kingdom?