Hope Upon Hope

Pastor Dave Romoser & Alex Giltner

February 14, 2016 • Romans 4

Pastor Dave and Alex Giltner tag-team teach once again and takes us into the heart of the covenant between God and Abraham that is central and critical to God's plan for rescuing the whole world

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Introduction to Romans

Alex Giltner • January 3, 2016

Alex introduces the grand narrative that is the underlying framework for what might be considered the Apostle Paul's most brilliant defense of the Gospel

Three Words

Pastor Dave Romoser & Alex Giltner • January 10, 2016

Pastor Dave & Alex Giltner "tag team" teach about the gospel, salvation, and the justice of God

The Human Tendency

Pastor Dave Romoser • January 17, 2016

In a brilliant and unexpected twist, Paul reminds his fellow believers that, while the world is spiraling into chaos and brokenness, they are no different than those whom they are often so quick to condemn