The Intimacy of Worship

12 Two • November 6, 2016 • Ralph Mayhew

Ralph talks to Craig Hindman and Elia about their personal approaches to worship.

Intimacy with God

November 6, 2016 • Stu Cameron

As we conclude our Magnify series, Tanya, Elia and Craig share how they experience and foster intimacy with God. Together they reflect on how worshipping God through the week flows into and out of gathered worship on weekends. What a great way to end a great series!

Worship Warfare

October 30, 2016 • Stu Cameron

As we magnify God in worship, we engage in a battle against unseen, but very real spiritual forces where our victory is assured. Stu explores the story of Paul and Silas and a Prison Cell, and how it can apply to our lives.

Worshipping when we don't feel like it

12 Two • October 23, 2016 • Michael Hands

What do we do when life is not going the way we planned and worship is the last thing we 'feel' like doing. From the story of Paul and Silas we can learn that worship is not about what we feel, but rather about what we know.

Worshipping God When It Hurts

October 23, 2016 • Stu Cameron

Someone once said that in life we are either in a storm, coming out of one - or about to enter one. So how do we worship God in a world that often seems to be falling apart? Drawing from the crisis-filled lives of David and Job, Stu explains how.


12 Two • October 16, 2016 • Ralph Mayhew

Worship moves ur agenda from our own presence into God's presence. In this message, Ralph discusses praise, surrender and community,

Looking Hard in God's Direction

October 16, 2016 • Stu Cameron

We were conceived to sing - to sing about God, to God and with God. When we sing we bless God and in turn are blessed. Stu explains more in this message.

All of life worship

12 Two • October 9, 2016 • Michael Hands

Have you ever been bored, uninspired or simply not wanting to go to Sunday services? Maybe the problem isn't as simple we first thought!

The Heart of Worship

October 9, 2016 • Stuart Cameron

Worship magnifies our God, satisfies our soul, sanctifies our lives, unifies the church and testifies to our world. In this fist message of our Magnify series, Stu Cameron explores the heart of worship.