Elevate Training II

From personal growth to community impact!

April 13, 2024
9:00am - 12:00pm

Join us on April 13 for the second Elevate training. This training includes an array of topics that are designed to help you personally in hopes to help you make a greater impact in the community. We have a city to reach and we must do so in the natural and in the spirit. CHILD CARE FOR CHILDREN UP TO AGE 12 IS AVAILABLE AT $5 PER CHILD. Payment is non-refundable. 9-9:50 am General Session with James Woods Join us for a general session with Evangelist James Woods at the upcoming Elevate workshop. During this session, Evangelist Woods will delve into “The Community Involvement & Service Mindset.” This session is designed to cultivate a profound understanding of the impact individuals can have on their communities through purposeful engagement and service. Learn the core principles of community involvement through biblical and real-world examples. You will learn how to develop a service-oriented mindset that goes beyond traditional outreach efforts, focusing on creating sustainable, positive change in the natural and spiritual lives of others. Lastly, learn how this mindset translates into your personal walk, ministry, and those around you. 10-10:50am Session I (Choose One) Financial Management Discover the secrets to unlocking your financial potential and learn practical strategies for effective financial management. Gain insights into budgeting, savings, and creating a sustainable financial plan that aligns with your personal goals that will also positively impact the community. Elevate your understanding of financial empowerment and responsible stewardship to make a positive change in your own life and the wider community. Navigating Through Conflict Resolution: Dealing with Different Personalities Delve into the art of conflict resolution and learn how to navigate challenges arising from diverse personalities. Elevate your interpersonal skills by understanding conflict as an opportunity for growth and learning. Acquire practical tools for effective communication, empathy, and negotiation, ensuring that conflicts are transformed into catalysts for positive change within both personal and community spheres. How to Transition from Being a Do-er to a Manager Elevate your leadership journey by mastering the transition from a hands-on contributor to an effective manager. Explore the mindset shifts, communication strategies, and leadership skills required to lead and inspire others. Gain insights into delegation, decision-making, and team empowerment, ensuring that your personal growth contributes to the greater impact and success of community-driven initiatives. 11-11:50 am Session II (Choose One) Time Management & Organization Take control of your time and elevate your productivity by mastering the art of time management and organization. Discover tools and techniques to prioritize tasks, set achievable goals, and create a balanced life that fosters personal growth and community impact. Learn how effective time management contributes not only to your own success but also to the broader positive transformation of the community. How to Build a Trustworthy Team & Onboarding New Volunteers Explore the dynamics of team building and volunteer management in this session. Uncover the principles of building trust within a team and learn effective strategies for onboarding new volunteers. Elevate your leadership skills by understanding the importance of creating a positive and supportive team culture, fostering collaboration, and empowering volunteers to contribute meaningfully to community initiatives. Developing Problem-Solving Techniques Elevate your problem-solving skills to effect meaningful change in your personal life and community. Explore systematic approaches to tackle challenges, foster innovation, and implement sustainable solutions. Gain insights into creative problem-solving techniques, critical thinking, and decision-making strategies that empower you to make a lasting impact on a variety of issues. Embrace a proactive mindset that turns obstacles into opportunities for growth and positive transformation.