Victorious Identity and Shifting Atmospheres Conference

Discover Your Divine Purpose

April 5, 6:30pm - April 7, 2024 12:00pm
74 spots remaining

Every believer carries a unique identity in Christ. It's not just about knowing it, but truly understanding and living it. Dive deep into the essence of your spiritual identity at the Victorious Identity and Shifting Atmospheres Conference with Dawna DeSilva. It's more than just a weekend; it's an upgrade to your spiritual journey.

  • Deepen Your Understanding: Grasp the significance of your identity in Christ and how it shapes your purpose and destiny
  • Empower Your Walk: Learn practical steps to walk confidently in the identity God has bestowed upon you.
  • Connect & Grow: Engage with fellow believers, share experiences, and grow together in faith and understanding.
ABOUT DAWNA Dawna is the founder and co-leader of Bethel Sozo, the inner healing and deliverance ministry of Bethel Church. She lives in Redding, California where she oversees Bethel’s Transformation Center.