Vision Sunday

More People, More Like Jesus

Part 2: Vision Sunday 2019

Mike Hands • Mike Hands

Part 2 of our Vision Sundays series with Mike Hands sharing some practical ways we can be light in our community this year.

Part 1: Vision Sunday 2019

February 10, 2019 • Stu Cameron

Stu shared with us on Vision Sunday around the parable of the talents. The full sermon is available on our website and app: church.nu/live --- Spoken Word // Vision Sunday 2019 What are you afraid of, and from what exactly do you hide? Why does the message burn brightly on Sunday, but on Monday hides deep inside? Who told you to be silent, afraid of hurting or slight? When what would help a world in darkness, is a people who chose to be light. Too long has the darkness gone without an answer. Too long has our world been trapped by its evil cancer. As Christians in our world, shine their light dim. Afraid that others might be offended by a fearless messenger of the king. We wouldn’t hold back the cure for some ailment or sickness. Then why do we hide the truth from those who need our witness? Have we so easily forgotten, have those words slipped our mind? That when our saviour promised power, we could the powers of darkness bind. The Spirit that lies inside us breaks opens graves. Unshackles the oppressed, restores the broken unscathed. It reminds us our worst day isn’t our last of all. And that there is forgiveness for any, whenever we fall. Why do we imitate the sickness, that we try to resolve? Our darkness won’t drive out darkness, only with light will it dissolve. This light, of the gospel, is the hope we share. And there is nothing else in the world that can bring that power to bear. For this world to find hope now is the time, this is the hour. For us, His beloved children, to stop being ashamed of this power. For we, his imago dei, to seize tomorrow for the lost. We weren’t saved to be seated but sent, no matter the cost. So uncover your gifts people of God. Use the gifts for his glory. That your life might shine a better truth invite others to a greater story. No matter the opposing force, power or might. May we choose to stand on the rock. May we choose to be light.

Part 2: More Like Jesus

Every Christians Calling • February 18, 2018 • Michael Hands

Our Associate Pastor Mike Hands brings an awesome message challenging us to be more than just inspired by the words of Christ but doers of the Word also. Michael shares how we will be exploring this as a community through 2018 and beyond with 2 key initiatives - one corporate, and the other personal. Now available on Video as well through our church app and website.

Part 1: More People

More People More Like Jesus • February 11, 2018 • Stu Cameron

In part one of our Vision Sunday series, our Lead Minister Stu Cameron shares about our heart for evangelism, the urgency of sharing the Gospel in our families, work lives and communities. He also shares some exciting news about our Newlife Brisbane church plant.