Snow Bird 2021


When we think about God we have to make up new words to talk about Him. He is altogether different from us. He is the Almighty One, the great King above any other god. And when we use superlatives to describe Him we realize that words like Holy, Just, and Righteous draw their very meaning from His nature. He is the sinless creator of the universe who is overflowing with love for His creation and His name is Jesus. This summer we will look at the attributes of God so that we can lift up His name and give Him the glory He deserves. It is only in light of this that we can be truly humbled. He is calling us to fear Him, to love Him, and to worship Him. In short, He is calling us into a relationship with Him where we can fulfill the purpose for which we have been created.


Brody opened SWO21 by teaching on the goodness of God. We are invited to not just know the goodness of God, but to taste it. This is an experiential knowledge of God that is open to all believers. God’s goodness can be seen in His attributes of love, mercy, grace, and patience towards us. In Christ, we have received all of God’s goodness. We should seek to show them to others. Let us remind ourselves daily that we have received these things first so we can then faithfully display them to others.


God is absolutely unchanging. He is unchanging in His Essence, His Attributes, and His Counsel. Even when aspects of God’s character seem at odds with each other, He is perfectly consistent and true to Himself. For example, the Justice and Mercy of God may seem contradictory, but they are unified in the work of Jesus Christ. In Jesus, perfect justice is served, and we who believe are brought into God’s unceasing mercy. The truth that God does not change is a strengthening reality for believers, but it is a sobering reality for the unbeliever. God’s mercy does not cease, but neither does His wrath.


For the believer, everything we do is to be to the glory of God. This includes our relationships with one another. Everything that we do should be an act of worship. This is the vital mindset that should govern all our decisions. Is God being glorified? Therefore, when it comes to our dating and relationships, let’s not be consumed with “How far is too far?” Instead let’s be distinctly Christian in all our relationships and ask, “Is God glorified in my dating?”



Every human being will eventually come face to face with the reality that Jesus is far more than a teacher or healer or prophet or human. Jesus is God. Jesus’ followers see this reality in Mark 4 and 5. The reality of Jesus’ godhood can be intimidating, and rightly so. His power and authority are terrifying to those who stand in its way. However, we see that Jesus also acts out of great compassion. He will not avoid any inconvenience or suffering when even a single soul is on the line. In all of this, we should be driven to worship that Jesus has the power to step in and change any situation AND he has the compassion to do it for our good.

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