Equip USA 2022

Where We Go From Here Pt 1

Tyrone Daniel

Tyrone Daniel kicks off the US Equip 2022 in Chicago. This is part 1 of a preach reminding us of the great mandate we have and the power of the God we walk with.

Where We Go From Here Pt 2

Tyrone Daniel

Tyrone continues in part 2 of the first session at the US Equip in Chicago

What will we do with what God has said?

Steve Sudworth

Steve challenges us through the Scriptures with the vital question of what will we do with all that God has said. Equips are helpful and God speaks, but what we do with all He has said determines if it bears any fruit.

US Equip 2022 Prophetic Time Over Next Generation

Various NCMI Team members & church leaders speak and pray prophetically over the Youth/Young people at the US Equip in Chicago.