NCMI Global Team Meeting 2022

Feedback from Africa

Tony Sivewright

Meeting led by Tony Sivewright

Tyrone speaks on Leading and Living

Tyrone Daniel, Ian McKellar

Team members share on what God is saying and then Tyrone preaches on Leading & Living

What, who and how of NCMI

Tyrone Daniel

Key foundational teaching, as Tyrone simply reminds us of the calling we have together as a team

Final session with prophecies and Tyrone preaching on faith

Tyrone Daniel, David Hagger

Key prophetic word from Dave Haggar and then Tyrone shares on faith out of Hebrews 11

Prophecy and North American reports

Chris Smith

Meeting led by Chris Smitih

Team Meeting session 7

Many team members working into regions of South Africa update us on what's happening

Feedback from Europe

Greig Garratt

Meeting led by Greig Garratt