Rhythm Requires Rest!

April 10, 2022 • Ethan Mitchell

Busy. We are a busy bunch of people. In fact, when people ask us how we’re doing, we often answer with “busy.” We sleep less. We are more distracted. And we are tired, overworked, anxious, and stressed. What if there was a way to change that? What if there was a way to press pause and find the rest we need?

Prescription for Peace

April 3, 2022 • Bill Borland

When the stress comes, what do you do? Perhaps you turn to food and eat your feelings. Or maybe you turn to exercise and “run it out.” We all do “something” with our stress. What if there was a go-to that would lead to the peace we are craving. What if there was a prescription for peace in the midst of stress?

Looking For Peace In All The Wrong Places

March 27, 2022 • Ethan Mitchell

Peace is something we all desire. We all want more of it. But what exactly is it? And how do we get it?