Blessed To Be A Blessing

October 9, 2022 • Ken Mitchell

God has a vision for each of us in life... it’s to be a blessing! And life becomes so much more meaningful when we realize that each of us are “Blessed to Be a Blessing!” As believers in Christ, we need to recognize our calling to use what God has given us to be a blessing to others! Listen in as we teach the three principles of what a true “blessed life” looks like.

It All Begins With Prayer

October 2, 2022 • Ethan Mitchell

"Begin with prayer." That sentence is simple for some and impossible for others. But the amazing thing about prayer is that it is really just having a conversation with God and then looking for the answer in your life. This reality is true with blessing our friends and neighbors as well... listen in and learn how!

Blessers vs. Converters

September 25, 2022 • Ken Mitchell

Being http://b.l.e.s.s.ed and http://b.l.e.s.s.ing others is not immediately accessible, but it’s not out of reach. It’s a result. It’s sowing and reaping. Blessing is determined by outcome and purpose. Remember God’s plan for loving your neighbor and changing the world is through http://b.l.e.s.s.ing them not converting them!

To Be Or Not To Be... A Blessing

September 18, 2022 • Ethan Mitchell • Genesis 12:3

The focus of blessing in Christianity is always about who, not what. Blessed people are at peace with God, others, and themselves. Since Jesus valued and prioritized peace with God, ourselves, and others, and since we want to be a blessing to our community, we need to learn how we might share the blessing of Jesus to our family, friends and community.