You'll Be Glad You Did

Tell Yourself

March 12, 2023 • Ken Mitchell

The easiest person to deceive is the person you see in the mirror. It shouldn't be this way... but sadly it is! We’ve talked ourselves into, deceived ourselves into, or sold ourselves on the worst ideas and every bad decision we’ve ever made. Listen, watch, and learn some simple steps towards "Telling Yourself the Truth" and live in freedom from the things that can easily entangle us!

Live Generously

March 5, 2023 • Ken Mitchell

There are a lot of misconceptions in our world today what exactly is generosity. Some think of it a large gift other thinks of it as a quick response when a need arises. Those are generous acts... but what does Jesus and the Bible say what does it take to Live Generously. Listen and watch as we explore 4 myths of Generosity and 4 paths to take to truly live like Jesus and live generously!


February 26, 2023 • Ken Mitchell

Relationships go better when two people engage in a certain type of competition. Being competitive in most everything in a relationship can eventually hurt... but there is one area in which competition in a relationship actually makes it better! Join us and discover the secret to a long lasting relationship in marriage and dating. 


February 19, 2023 • Ethan Mitchell

No one said it was easy, but releasing someone from what they've done to you is your only way to freedom. While the road of blessing is most difficult, when we chose to take the path of forgiveness deliverance can lead to a life beyond measure!


February 12, 2023 • Bill Borland

Good decisions get us where we want to go, Godly decisions get us even farther in life. Wisdom is the bridge that fills the gaps from "Good to Great" (God decisions) when we're wondering what do to. Nobody likes being told what to do, but when we don't want advice it is often when we need it most.

Connecting The Dots

February 5, 2023

Your decisions aren't just about you. They impact people closest to you as well for either the better or the worse. Jesus taught us that living life is connected with God. And the wisdom that God gives us is practical!! Applied Biblical wisdom ensures we live with that in mind.