21 Days Of Prayer

Day One (Prayer Gathering)

January 3, 2024

Lord, thank you for loving me before I ever loved you. I come before you today and ask that you would help me love you better. Holy Spirit, fill me with the desire to please you. Like David, I want to be known as a person after your own heart. Amen

Day Two

January 4, 2024

Jesus, you said the world would know we are your disciples by the love we have for one another. Increase my love for my neighbor. Give me patience for my loved ones. Allow me to extend grace to those that don't deserve it, just like you have done for me. Grant me a heart for loving others so that everyone may see I am your disciple and your name would be made great on the earth. If loving others well will point them to you, then I want to love people for the rest of my life!

Day Three

January 5, 2024

Lord, you have commanded us to pray at all times, without ceasing, and I confess I struggle with this. I confess that I sometimes don’t want to pray. I ask today that you increase my desire to pray. Draw me closer to your heart and will so that I can partner with you in prayer to bring about your will here on the earth. Lead me in developing a lifestyle of prayer. Show me the times and the ways to pray and to be disciplined in my desire to pray. When I don’t know the words,  just let me know your heart.

Day Four

January 6, 2024

Father, your word says that “The churches were being strengthened in the faith, and were increasing in number daily.” I want our faith as a church to continue to grow and I know that I play a part in that.  Like the early church, please strengthen our faith! Give us the faith to believe for things that are miraculous. Give us the faith to believe for the things that are in your heart. Give us faith the size of a mustard seed as we begin, because even that can move mountains!

Day Five

January 7, 2024

Father, there is no one more generous than you. The Gospel was an act of generous love! Shape my heart and mind to reflect the generous example that you have set for us. I don't want to be attached to my money or resources; I want to live with an open hand knowing all things come from you. Give me a heart to bless others with the resources you've graciously given to me.

Day Six

January 8, 2024

Lord, thank you for New City Church! I am grateful for the love and community that I have found here. Today I ask that you continue to bless our Church relationally, financially, and missionaly. Help us stay focused on the call that you have put on this house. Let us be known as the Church that is passionate about making disciples! We long to carry out the mandate that you set for us in making disciples but we need your help in order to achieve that. Help us stay faithful to this call so that your name will be glorified!

Day Seven (Prayer Gathering)

January 10, 2024

Father, our city is in desperate need of you! I pray for the salvation of those who do not know you yet. I pray for hate and violence to end and for broken homes in this city to be restored. For the poor to see the light and provision that you provide. For the wealthy to see that all that they have is because you have allowed it. Help us be a light that points to you in this city. Help the relationships between churches grow in this city. Start revival in us, Lord, so that we may carry it to the city and neighborhoods we live in.  We believe Chicagoland can be known as a city that serves you because nothing is impossible for you!

Day Eight

October 8, 2023

Lord, John 3:16 says that you loved this world so much that you gave your life for it. Today we pray that the Gospel will advance to places it has not yet gone to. I pray for the protection of my fellow brothers and sisters in the faith around the world who are being persecuted. I pray you touch the hearts of our world leaders. I believe you can change the heart of kings, your word shows me this. Where there is darkness in this world, continue to build and mobilize your Church so that it may be a kingdom of light!

Day Nine

October 9, 2023

Jesus, right before being crucified you prayed to God and said “Father, keep them in your name, which you have given me, that they may be one, even as we are one.” Unity was so heavy on your heart right to the very end. Today I pray as you prayed: help us stay unified in your name. Eliminate anything that is causing division in your church. Let us be known as people who love each other and want what is best for one another.  When we fail in our unity, remind us of the truth that your gospel is what keeps us unified. Your blood was shed not only to give us eternal life but to give us an eternal family.

Day Ten

October 10, 2023

Lord, you know a lack of forgiveness is so pervasive in our culture. We see it in homes, the workplace, and even in the Church. It causes division that grieves your heart. I know I can forgive because you forgave me first. Today I pray you give me strength to forgive those in my life who may not deserve it. I don't want to be held captive to the feelings that keep me stuck in a past offense. I want to be set free from a heart that is bitter, making my heart a pleasing home for you. Set me free from these feelings today. Help me to forgive!

Day Eleven

October 11, 2023

Father, today I lift up the families in our Church. Bless the marriages with more love and affection for one another. Bless the parents with wisdom to teach and disciple the children you have given them to care for. Bless the single parents with strength and provision. Restore broken homes. Bring back the prodigal sons and daughters of our church! Fill our homes with more of your presence. We want our families to flourish because we believe that’s what you want! Allow our homes to be filled with disciples and disciple-makers so that your name is glorified on the earth.

Day Twelve

October 12, 2023

Jesus, there are times that I feel overwhelmed by the challenges in my life. I confess that I lose patience in different areas: in my faith, my relationships, my work and calling, and with myself. You have given me patience in the fruit of your spirit and yet I struggle to access it at times. So I come to you– the well that does not run dry. I need more patience! Lord, meet this need according to the riches of your glory in Christ Jesus. Thank you for the trials that produce more patience and perseverance in my life (Romans 5:3). Fill me with the fruit of your spirit so that my life may speak to your goodness.

Day Thirteen

October 13, 2023

Father, today I pray that you would help me embrace this truth of your word: that your grace is sufficient for me. I confess there are areas in my life where I am weak and I struggle, but your power is made perfect in my weakness. Thank you for helping me! I have fallen in the past and your grace was there to pick me up. Help me understand that your kindness is what leads us to repentance, your grace is what points to our freedom. Thank you for that grace that is made available to me!

Day Fourteen

October 14, 2023

Lord, your Word says that I am tempted when I am dragged away by my own evil desires and enticed (James 1:14). My prayer today is that my evil desires would be diminished in the light of your goddess. May I be enticed by nothing other than pleasing you! Bless my spirit to lead my soul and body in righteousness. Give me wisdom to walk in your ways so that I may glorify you with my life. Thank you for the grace you extend when I sin, but today I'm asking for the strength not to sin but to do only that which is pleasing to you.

Day Fifteen

October 15, 2023

Father, one of the attributes that marked the early church in the book of Acts was courage. You are able to turn people who are fearful and timid into people who are courageous and bold. Give me courage. I need the courage to share the Gospel with those around me. I need courage in order to face my daily challenges. I also need courage to accomplish all that you have set out for me to accomplish. Holy Spirit I thank you that you are the agent that provides the courage I am asking for, and because you live I know that I can be courageous.