July 17, 2017

Topics: Alcohol, Parenting, Boundaries, Sexual Integrity, Addictions, Drug Abuse

Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. Jill Hubbard, Milan Yerkovich

Caller Questions: 1. My 16yo daughter has started drinking; how do we set the proper boundaries? 2. After 6yrs I lost my sexual sobriety, and I feel like God let me down. 3. Comment: The Restore Weekend is just what I needed! 4. Our 31yo daughter was in jail for selling drugs; shall we stop helping her? 5. My wife is allowing our 16yo daughter’s older boyfriend to sleep with her in our home.

November 17, 2017

Topics: Addictions, Procrastination, Teens, Grief, Newlyweds, Anger, Connection

Caller Questions: 1. How do I stop addictive behaviors like electronic gaming and biting my nails? 2. My 15yo daughter is a procrastinator; how do I help her? 3. Now that my grown children celebrate holidays with their own families, how do I grieve the past? 4. Is there a way for newlyweds to identify their past hurts to achieve a deeper connection? 5. What can I do about my angry response when people bug me? 6. One year into my recovery, how can I connect more deeply with others?

November 16, 2017

Topics: Remarriage, Church Life, Emotional Affair, Codependency, Counseling, Grief

Caller Questions: 1. Is a divorced woman OK to remarry according to Matthew 5:32? 2. Comment: My insurance company wouldn’t add my girlfriend unless she was living with me. 3. The Northeast is spiritually dead; why is that not drawing more ministries and churches? 4. My husband has had an emotional affair for 5yrs; am I enabling him? 5. I am vulnerable in my grief; how can I deal with counselors who want to take advantage?

November 15, 2017

Topics: Adult Children, Engagement, Church Life, Anxiety, Pornography, Sexual Addiction

Caller Questions: 1. How do I talk my 23yo daughter out of marrying Mr. Wrong? 2. Is it appropriate for a former sex offender to be a leader in my church? 3. How can I handle my emotional distress when my Army husband is out of town? 4. Comment for 1st caller: Men deep in porn will not have a good sex life. 5. My male friend’s classes are excusing his sex addiction; is Every Man’s Battle different?