August 10, 2017

Topics: Affairs, Pornography, Grief, Depression, Sexual Abuse

Caller Questions: 1. My wife had an affair, I did porn, and now she wants to separate; how do we make it work? 2. I have a reunion coming up; how do I get past the grief of feeling my life hasn’t changed in 10yrs? 3. What do I do to heal after I read the Bible and saw my husband as Satan and ruined everything? 4. I have been attracted to children most of my life but do not act on it; how do I stop?

October 18, 2017

Topics: Depression, Adult Children, Narcissists, Affairs, Bipolar, Boundaries

Caller Questions: 1. My adult son just told me he’s suffering with depression; how can I help? 2. How can I stop my narcissist husband from taking my anxiety meds after he takes his? 3. I suspect my husband is playing house with someone and gaslighting me; what should I do? 4. My 48yo nephew lives with us, may be bipolar and can’t hold a job. 5. How can you know the difference between selfishness and self preservation?

October 17, 2017

Topics: Sexual Addiction, Verbal Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Mother Issues, Marriage, Sexual Intimacy

Caller Questions: 1. Thank you for what you do! How can I stop going to massage parlors? 2. How should I handle my verbally and emotionally abusive mom? 3. We are older and had amazing sex until we got married; where did his sex desire go? 4. I would love to have more playful passion time with my great husband who is not that way.

October 16, 2017

Topics: Marriage, Sexual Integrity, Adult Children, Difficult Conversations

Caller Questions: 1. It seems like my wife of 22yrs is trying to run me off; what can I do? 2. Attending Every Man’s Battle was so helpful! If you struggle, it will change your life! 3. How should I counsel my son on marriage issues after moving in with him and his wife? 4. Interview with Jeff Alexander, Ministry Services Manager for New Life’s Resource Center.