April 21, 2017

Topics: Dating, Connection, Trust, Responsibility, Self Worth, Grace

Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. John Townsend, Dr. Henry Cloud

Today’s show features insights from 2 of the 1300 videos available online at TV.Newlife.com. Video Titles: 1. Steve Arterburn and Dr. Henry Cloud: Henry Cloud’s Dating Program for Singles 2. Steve Arterburn and Dr. John Townsend: Getting to the Root of It

February 16, 2018

Topics: Christian Walk, Depression, Cutting, Parenting, Aggression, Pornography

Caller Questions: 1. How can I know my relationship with Jesus is true and I am not blaspheming the Holy Spirit? 2. Is it normal to want to self-harm sometimes while managing my depression? 3. My 10yo adopted son has aggression towards me; what type of counseling does he need? 4. How can I support my 82yo husband who is angry after his stroke and won’t give up porn?

February 15, 2018

Topics: Fear, Grief, Tragedy, Trauma, Evil, Forgiveness

Caller Questions: 1. How can I help my 15yo grandchild who fears for his own safety after reporting a fellow student with a gun? 2. Comment: We need to discuss the demonic aspect of what influenced the Florida shooter. 3. Is it natural to feel numb about the Florida school shooting? 4. Comment: There is a need to look at the source of these shootings and to be more sympathetic with people. 5. Comment: Social media has played a role in radicalizing and desensitizing kids.

February 14, 2018

Topics: Borderline Personality Disorder, Abandonment, Siblings, Parenting, Separation

Caller Questions: 1. I have a lot of borderline traits; how can I deal with my abandonment issues? 2. When do you say I am done with you to a sister who is bipolar and borderline? 3. How can I protect our 10yo daughter from my ex-husband’s borderline issues? 4. Going through an ugly custody battle; how do I deal with my borderline wife? 5. My 31yo daughter is probably borderline; how do I talk to her about it? 6. I have borderline symptoms; what is my next step? 7. How can I help my 9yo daughter not be affected by her borderline mom?