April 19, 2017

Topics: Marriage, Respect, Church Life, Divorce, Adult Children, Friendship

Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. Sheri Keffer and Guest Host Chris Williams

Caller Questions: 1. My husband and I are in a loveless relationship; what should I do? 2. I was kicked out of church after expressing my concerns about connecting with the Muslim community. 3. My ex-husband has turned our sons against me; should I go to my 18yo son’s graduation? 4. I have an elderly woman friend who has become a burden; what should I do?

February 21, 2018

Topics: Marriage, Communication, Dating, Parenting, Pornography, Anger

Caller Questions: 1. How should I pursue conflict resolution with my wife? 2. Is it a disadvantage for a 30yo man to not have much dating experience? 3. My 13yo daughter was caught watching porn; when do I give her cell phone back? 4. I fear my rageaholic husband after 6yrs of marriage.

February 20, 2018

Topics: Parenting, Adult Children, Affairs, Pornography, Sexual Intimacy, Narcissist, Marriage, Inti

Caller Questions: 1. How can I help my 12yo daughter to choose better music and stop using inappropriate language? 2. My son is having an affair and watching porn; how do I minister to him? 3. Is there hope for my narcissist husband to get better or should he move out? 4. Comment: Thank you to the speakers and the counselors for the Intimacy in Marriage Weekend!

February 19, 2018

Topics: Church Life, Parenting, Pornography, Lying

Caller Questions: 1. Is it biblical for our bus ministry to stop bringing three unruly kids to our youth group? 2. How do I keep from going back to watching lesbian porn? 3. How do I deal with my wife’s over-protection of our son? 4, Where do you draw the line between porn and TV shows that have sex and nudity? 5. How can the parents of my 9yo grandson stop his lying?