May 17, 2017

Topics: Sexual Integrity, Sexual Addiction, Dating

Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Chris Williams

Caller Questions: 1. I struggle with sexual integrity; how do I develop pure relationships without my mind straying? 2. Should I pursue a relationship with a man I met online who lives in another state? 3. As a therapist, how can I help a client who has elicit pictures on his phone? 4. I am 58yo and never married; how do I develop a better people picker?

March 19, 2018

Topics: Divorce, Marriage, Parenting, Anger, Transgender

Caller Questions: 1. Do Christians have the right to remarry after divorce? 2. What diagnostic test do I request for my violent 14yo adopted son who takes anti-psychotic drugs? 3. How do I incorporate my 35yo transgender brother into my life when I don’t accept his choice?

March 16, 2018

Topics: Depression, Medication, Church Life, Separation, Grief, Dating, Self Worth, Mother Issues

Caller Questions: 1. What am I doing wrong that I can’t get off my antidepressants? Does God want me on meds? 2. Do you agree that it is wrong for my wife to attend a different church with the kids? 3. What do I do while waiting for my abusive wife to come home and work on our marriage? 4. My wife died 3yrs ago, and I feel like I’m cheating on her while dating a widow. 5. As an adult, how do I get past my mom punishing me if I don’t do what she expects?

March 15, 2018

Topics: Alcohol, Sexual Integrity, Infertility, Adoption, Pornography

Caller Questions: 1. What do I do about my alcoholic husband making a pass at the mother of my daughter’s friend? 2. How do I grieve my infertility while in the adoption process? 3. My 20yr marriage started with porn and now there is no sex or respect; how do we change that?