October 12, 2017

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual Integrity, Sexual Abuse, Father Issues, Elder Abuse, Pornography

Hosts: Larry Sonnenburg , Dr. Alice Benton, Chris Williams

Caller Questions: 1. My wife’s nephew confessed he is a gay escort; how can I help him? 2. How can I have a relationship with my father who abandoned us to be with his abusive ex-wife? 3. Do I need to file for divorce after realizing how my past porn addiction affected my wife?

July 19, 2018

Topics: Adult Children, Divorce, Alcohol, Grandparenting, Fear, Boundaries

Caller Questions: 1. Our daughter-in-law left with the kids and filed for divorce; should our son pay for her mental health? 2. A family member has multiple DUIs; is inpatient treatment better than outpatient? 3. My daughter has turned against us and won’t let us see our grandson; what are our rights? 4. How do we help our 11yo grandson who is afraid of the dark and afraid his mother is going to die? 5. Our 25yo son returned home after college but doesn’t talk with me; shall I push him to connect?

July 18, 2018

Topics: Boundaries, Parenting, Alcohol, Affair, Anger, Grief, Blended Families, Adult Children

Caller Questions: 1. What consequences shall I place on my 16yo daughter who had alcohol at a party? 2. Why doesn’t my husband understand it’s difficult to fight for a marriage when he is having an affair? 3. My husband died in November and I am struggling with anger, depression, loneliness and suicidal thoughts. 4. I am recently married; too old to call this show and too old to be having trouble with adult kids.

July 17, 2018

Topics: Alcohol, ADD, Fear, Communication, Grief, Suicide, Sexual Integrity, Prison Ministry

Caller Questions: 1. What can I do about my 47yo daughter drinking a lot? 2. I have ADD and am scared I am getting early onset Alzheimer’s like my mom. 3. How can I talk to my husband about money issues when he says not to question him? 4. I found the bodies of my nephew and his daughter in his truck; how can I deal with this tragedy? 5. How can I minister to my son’s married friends who have an open dating relationship? 6. I have a ministry to addicts in jail; how is the Life Recovery Bible different?