They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love…?


We live in a society where labels and affiliations are thrown around a lot, but attitudes and actions can speak much louder. For Christians, this is essential. Attending church or holding to accurate biblical beliefs is good, but the more important issues are the ones that show up in real day-to-day life. In this new series, we will look at some essential qualities found in any individual or church that is truly “Christian”. Along the way, we hope those who don’t yet know Jesus will be inspired to accept Him, while those of us who do, will become more inviting!

Devotion to Jesus

September 13, 2020 • Rusty Coram

Our story in the world continues to be written, but there are some definite truths that will always remain. God’s word is trustworthy for providing us with rock-solid guidance and instruction, no matter what our circumstances.

Eagerness to Grow

September 20, 2020 • Rusty Coram

Our identity as Christians is constantly challenged in the world, often with good reason. There are plenty of people who claim to be followers, but don’t appear to be including Jesus in their thoughts, decisions and actions. Let’s talk about what it really means to be Christian in a challenging world.

Resolve to Love Others

September 27, 2020 • Rusty Coram

Our mission statement at New Hope is to help ALL people become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. We take that mission very seriously, regardless of age, skin color, gender, culture, political preference and economic standing. We all serve the same God, and Jesus loves us all.