I’m On My Own

March 27th/28th, 2021

March 28, 2021 • Becky Coram

When we believe we are on our own, we can justify anything to survive…but God has a different and much better way. When we learn and adopt His way, we begin to change from the inside out.


Many of us take precautions to protect our devices from being hacked, which is wise. Unfortunately, there are other areas of our lives that are even more vulnerable to compromise – our hearts and minds. The Bible describes our heart as the command center where our thoughts, values, perspectives and attitudes direct us. Our minds feed us information so we can function. If we’re not careful, we can feed ourselves lies and partial truths that cripple and derail us, preventing us from experiencing the full life God intends. In this series, we’ll look at some common negative thought

Something is Wrong With Me

February 28, 2021 • Rusty Coram

When a computer has bugs or viruses it produces distorted results. Our minds are similar. If we have incorrect or incomplete thoughts, we cannot function or live in a healthy way.

I Will Never Be Able to Change

March 7, 2021 • Rusty Coram

Over time, after we’ve tried to change and failed, we can begin to believe real change is hopeless. Rather than giving up, this can be the opportunity to surrender to God and discover how He is able to transform us from the inside out.