Long Story Short

January 2, 2021 • Brandon Pendleton

In life, every person has a journey and story to share. Both are filled with experiences and defining moments shaping how a person sees the world. Simply put, a worldview is the lens of a narrative. It brings clarity to our decisions, how we treat and react to others, and the resources we turn to for help. For followers of Jesus, interwoven into each story is an everlasting hope sustainable through life’s darkest moments or toughest circumstances. Why we keep our faith and trust in Him remains the crux of our narratives. God desires all to have an eternal, intimate relationship with Him. He will use our stories to encourage others. At the same time, He grows us closer to Him – changing us to a better reflection of His heart in our thoughts, words and actions. Through His Spirit, He enables us with compassion and empathy for people within our reach and world at large.