God so loved Gomer

April 9, 2017 • Dr. Kristen Hill

“What makes us the saints of God is not our ability to be saintly but rather God’s ability to work through sinners.”- Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber. The Bible is filled with stories of larger than life figures that have been admired for being models of faith and fortitude, but what if everything we have come to know and love about them has more to do with God’s grace than their goodness? In this series based on the book Accidental Saints, by Pastor Nadia-Bolz Weber, we will examine the lives of five Biblical figures who serve as examples that God’s greatest work is often done through people who would never be considered “good” people.

5 Reasons Why

April 30, 2017 • Dr. Kristen Hill

Judas betrayed Jesus. Peter denied Jesus. Both stories share very similar beginnings but yet they have very different endings. In the 5th and final week of this series Dr. Kristen Hilll shares how important it is for us to know that now matter what mistakes we make in life God's forgives and grace has the power to change our story.

License to Kill

April 23, 2017 • Dr. Lamar Hardwick

One of the greatest missionaries in the history of Christianity was at one point one of the greatest threats to Christianity. So why would God intentionally pick a man with a license to kill Christians as an instrument to spread Christianity? In week 4 we will examine the life of Saul, who demonstrates that a hateful heart in the hands of a loving God can be transformed into one of God’s greatest champions.

Devils and Disciples

April 16, 2017 • Dr. Lamar Hardwick

Rejection. Addiction. Anger. Greed. Deep down inside we all wrestle with our inner demons, but what happens when the people we dismiss are the people God is using to point us to him? In week 3 of this series we will examine how the first person to share the news about the resurrection of Jesus was a woman named Mary Magdalene, who until she met Jesus, wrestled with inner demons and how her checkered past made her the most qualified to preach the good news to others.