Living our death with life in mind.

dust: Part 1

dust: Part 1 • March 10, 2019 • Pastor Joe

Prepare to Die. Learn to Live. Our mortality underlies everything we do. We do not want to just be dust in the wind, but life is short. Life is elusive. Life is repetitive. We want more out of life because the echo of eternity resounds in our hearts.

dust: Part 2

dust: Part 2 • March 17, 2019 • Michael Smith

We wish our lives away but feel that we grow old too quickly. There is a time for everything, but rather than enjoying the moment, we’re always looking forward to something else. God gave us the gift of time—and life—to be enjoyed.

dust: Part 3

dust: Part 3 • March 24, 2019 • Pastor Joe

He who dies with the most toys is still dead. Yet, we often hear it—and say it ourselves—“You only live once? For those who die twice, life lasts forever. For those trying to rob death, death lasts forever. One experiences lifestyle inflation, and the other lifestyle appreciation.

dust: Part 4

dust: Part 4 • March 31, 2019 • Pastor Joe

What can we really know, after all? The more we truly learn, the more we learn we truly don’t know very much. Ironically, learning what we cannot know helps us leverage what we do know. Want to know what we cannot know?

dust: Part 5

dust: Part 5 • April 7, 2019 • Pastor Joe

What can you really count on? Leading gurus tell how to lengthen your life and how to get better life in that length … but many who apply these principles die young and many who ignore them live long and rich lives. What should you expect of life?

dust: Part 6

dust: Part 6 • April 14, 2019 • Pastor Joe

Do you look forward to Judgment Day? How about old age? Does old age feel like a cruel judgment? Do you dread these things? How do we live our end today in anticipation of the greatest of all new beginnings?