Sinner Saints

Every Believer’s Battle Between Right & Wrong

Just Like Us

Sinner Saints: Part 1 • February 18, 2018 • Pastor Joe

Do you agree or disagree with the proverb: “They who spare the rod hate the child, but those who love their children are diligent to discipline them”? Sometimes love must be tough, but how do you know when that is?

Judge Deborah

Sinner Saints: Part 2 • February 25, 2018 • Pastor Joe

Who has God put in your life to help you succeed? Most would agree that behind any successful man is a strong woman. Man or woman, we all would do well to have someone like Deborah in our corner.

Gideon’s Fear, Faith & Fleece

Sinner Saints: Part 3 • March 4, 2018 • Pastor Joe

Have you ever been faced with a challenging decision? Have you ever looked for a sign from God to know what to do? Want to know how to make the right choice most of the time?

Gideon’s Handicap Advantage

Sinner Saints: Part 4 • March 11, 2018 • Trey Sansom

You’ve made your choice—or it’s been made for you by necessity! So how will you achieve your goal? What do you think it will take? You might be surprised by the ‘missing ingredient’ that you already have for you to win!

Samson’s Mission

Sinner Saints: Part 5 • March 18, 2018 • Pastor Joe

What sets you apart from everyone else? You were born for a reason. How does your purpose in life make you different? Could you miss what God has in mind for you by listening to others around you?

Samson’s Fatal Flaw

Sinner Saints: Part 6 • March 25, 2018 • Pastor Joe

If you could avoid making mistakes, would you? Less regrets makes life better. This episode in our series will show us how to avoid a trap set for us all. We can all avoid this fatal flaw!