Jesus + Nothing = Everything

Free from Guilt

Unchained: Part 1 • June 3, 2018 • Pastor Joe

We so easily allow ourselves to be plagued by guilt. As Pastor Joe inappropriately loves to say, “Don’t ‘should’ on yourself!” Jesus came to set us free. How do we stay unchained from all the feelings and thoughts that weigh us down?

Free from Comparisons

Unchained: Part 2 • June 10, 2018 • Pastor Joe

Watch out for comparisons. Comparisons produce pride or despair. Only one opinion matters and when we know it, we are set free. Want to be unchained from comparisons?

Free from Legalism

Unchained: Part 3 • June 17, 2018 • Pastor Joe

Jesus plus anything equals nothing. Jesus plus nothing equals everything. The temptation to add something to what Jesus finished sneaks up on all of us. How do we avoid being chained by legalism?

Free to Love

Unchained: Part 4 • June 24, 2018 • Pastor Joe

The truth expressed in love could be accused of “legalism.” How do we maintain Jesus-only mindsets, grace-based living, and still hold each other accountable? How do we love each other without chains?

Free for New Life

Unchained: Part 5 • July 1, 2018 • Pastor Joe

A common protest again “grace alone” teaching says, “If we’re saved by grace alone—if God forgives unconditionally—then people would live however they wanted.” This idea sure seems it might produce quantity believers, but not quality believers. So what prevents grace-abuse?

Free to Help

Unchained: Part 6 • July 8, 2018 • Pastor Joe

We are not only unchained from legalism, but also from sin. Unfortunately, we are as susceptible to temptations are we are to the law. Like correcting a drunk on a donkey from leaning left, they just end up leaning right. So how do we avoid these extremes?