CALLED: Part 3

CALLED: Part 3

October 20, 2019 • Pastor Joe

Ever been with someone who is always talking about themselves? The conversation always seems to come back to them! It’s as if they want you in order to have a person to talk at, rather than to have a conversation. God’s not like that. Come discover what it means to interact with God.

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CALLED: Part 1

CALLED: Part 1 • October 6, 2019 • Pastor Joe

Have you ever considered what it means that God has made Himself known to you? God has given you His name: Jesus Christ. When you know Christ it changes everything! That may look much more ordinary than you think—or not. Come discover what a Christ-centered life looks like for you.

CALLED: Part 2

CALLED: Part 2 • October 13, 2019 • Pastor Joe

Has God ever spoken to you? Do you want God to speak to you? Or speak to you more? God is not far off. God is present and you can experience His real presence in increasing measure. Come discover how God speaks to you?

CALLED: Part 4

CALLED: Part 4 • October 27, 2019 • Pastor Joe

Everyone is part of the human race, but not everyone is part of your family. We were made for genuine relationships. We were not made to be spiritual orphans either. God puts us together on purpose and uses us in each other’s lives to accomplish His purposes through us. Come discover a fuller expression of faith family.