3 Keys for Team Collaboration

March 5, 2019 • Kelly Stickel

As your team grows, collaboration becomes increasingly difficult yet ever so important. With everyone bringing different strengths and perspectives to the table, competition can arise and misunderstandings become more prevalent. Your “why” might be crystal clear, but if it’s not constantly at the forefront of your team’s mind, it could get lost between departments. How do you foster healthy collaboration that moves your vision forward?

10 Shifting Trends in the Church of Tomorrow - Episode 6

July 16, 2019 • Pastor Kelly Stickel

Imagine a world where the Church is first, not second. The first place people turn to for answers, for innovation, and for hope. It’s time for the Church to take its job back. To become the leader and not the follower in today’s world.

10 Shifting Trends in the Church of Tomorrow - Episode 5

July 9, 2019 • Pastor Kelly Stickel

This generation is looking for authenticity. For people to help them learn what is real, instead of just being told what is “right.” For unique content and new ideas. In today’s podcast, learn the importance of applying that in your church.

10 Shifting Trends in the Church of Tomorrow - Episode 4

July 2, 2019 • Pastor Kelly Stickel

Less wow, more how. People are looking for real answers, real people and real moments. Listen to this week’s podcast to learn about how methods need change to reach this coming generation and answer their toughest questions.