Save The Stump

June 3, 2018 • Bishop C.T. Hanchey

SAVE THE STUMP Bishop C.T. Hanchey Daniel 4:10-15 - Nebuchadnezzar was having a dream - tree - type of prosperity and blessing - fruit was feeding a nation - It’s fruit was in abundance - V13 - Watcher - watchers are watching over us - V15 - protect the stump - don’t dig it up - Inside that stump is a comeback miracle! 1. God is the Lord over everything you have. 2. He is the Lord over everything that left you - everything you have lost in your life - you don’t try to hang on to everything in your life. You know it’s purpose was not to be there for your life, but to prepare you for something greater! You don’t have victory until you can give God praise for what you’ve lost in your life! 3. He is the Lord over what is left - direct your attention away from what you have and what you’ve lost. There’s a reason you don’t stare in the rear view mirror - you’ll never make it to your destination. Your windshield is bigger than your perspective of what’s behind you. God didn’t cause the bad thing, but He uses the bad thing! There’s a positive and a negative - God uses both inputs to produce one thing. How many of you have had something happen in your life and you still can’t pray it away? Why did it happen to me? Sometimes we stagger into church in a state of confusion. It’s alright to come to the house of God and get honest! I’m not perfect, that’s why I come but I serve a perfect God! You might be surprised to hear what the devil has said about you. He picked on Job for a reason. God believes in you more than you believe in yourself. There’s certain seasons God says go ahead and hit him with your best shot. I know what will happen in the end! Job had some stupid friends - you know you have some religious bad friends when they don’t know how to encourage you with GRACE but add to your misery by making you feel responsibility. The only way to get your DOUBLE is to go through TROUBLE! God always leaves you with something - the devil can’t kill - all he can do is cut down for a season things that were too small for you anyway. Comebacks don’t come out of branches - they come out of stumps and roots. Quit letting the devil tell you that you don’t have anything left. If you can stand up and cry while you praise Him! Stand up and cry and say BLESSED BE THE NAME! Anybody can praise God and trust God when it’s all good. Can you give Him your trust when it looks like He’s about to drop you? Can you come to the house of God and praise Him anyway? He needs some saints that know how to stand up and praise Him in the middle of Hell! Job 14:7-8 - God delights in taking you to the place of impossibility. It’s in the region of absurdity that God shows His Divinity! - God allows things to be cut up out of your life and He sends a word that your promise is coming at the impossible stage of your life. Don’t worry about what’s not working - when God says it’s going to happen, IT WILL HAPPEN! WHAT’S LEFT? - the woman with the pot of oil. The creditors were coming - she did not see the prophetic possibilities because she was facing a negative reality. The prophet asked her what was in her house. God’s not asking you about your failure or your critics - WHAT’S IN YOUR HOUSE RIGHT NOW?! Some of you have been walking past your comeback and looking at everything negative in your life. Gideon, go defeat the Midianites - 300 to take on 135,000. God told him he had too many people. You don’t need everybody. Some people were only sent to frustrate you. Thank you for the gift of goodbye! You just need a few strong people who will stand behind you in the midnight hour! Don’t cry about the people who don’t get you and don’t expect everybody to believe in you. It really hurts when you have an expert or a family member who drops the ball in your life. But whoever is with you in those darkest times, there’s your victory! Sampson - he lost his vision, strength and freedom. Quit listening to the laughter and naysayers in your life. God remembers! A set appointment! A season is coming and nothing can stop you! You will do something that will rock the world! Guess where your comeback starts at? In your head! Pay attention to what’s growing and forget about what’s left. What you have is what’s going to work for you! It’s not a lot, but it’s enough for me to move into my destiny and into the promise of God! It happened, it’s over with. Start prophesying! God doesn’t need everything! You’ve got something blessed - it doesn’t matter how big it is, if it’s blessed, you’ll win! He’s the God over what’s left! Exodus 9 - Recipe for Freedom God told Moses to pick up handfuls of ashes and throw it up. Ashes are all that’s left after it’s burned up! The evidence of what has been. It was a prophetic movement to reach into what has been and throw it up and give it to God! When the ashes went up, deliverance came down! God will convert your ashes into deliverance over your situation! #BeautyForAshes Ezekiel 37:7 - destroys the mythology that you’ve got to have it all together - They were at the boneyard. He was discouraged. He didn’t want to prophesy. He knew he had been sent, and he came! Sometimes you do things, not because you feel it or see it or know it, but because you’re obedient! Anybody can praise Him when it’s there in front of you. But when you’re looking at old, dusty bones... - God wanted you to see it and make a confession that you can’t fix it. Prophesy because you were commanded! - Job was doubled! In your moment of nothing, give God something! I know the devil cut my tree down, but there’s something growing! All you need is a stump! God is a faithful God and He has never failed you! He’s always right on time!

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Thank you for joining us and allowing Power Church International to impact your life. Allow the Holy Spirit to move in you as you invest in the Kingdom by clicking the link above. “God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble. Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth! The LORD of hosts is with us; The God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭46:1, 10-11‬ ‭