Czech Sunday

August 6, 2017 • Nik and Tiffany

Nik Walborn (Student Ministries Pastor) and Tiffany Short (College Intern) with the help of their student mission trip team talk about their mission trip to The Czech Republic. They share about how they saw God work in the lives of students, how God is at work in the Czech church, and how they came home changed.

Week 1

March 17, 2019 • March 17, 2019 • Mike Elkins and Daniel Fernihough

Sex By Design

March 13th, 2019 • March 13, 2019 • Nik and Minda Walborn

This week, we challenged students to choose God's design for sex instead of the world's approach.

Sounds of your life: Fruits

March 10, 2019 • March 10, 2019 • Mike Elkins