Holy Spirit

Be Filled With The Spirit

May 27, 2018 • Lead Pastor David Sulcer

Throughout the last several decades, the idea of being filled with The Spirit has meant different things. When we look at Scripture, the true purpose of being baptized in The Holy Spirit becomes clear. It is about empowering the believer to live on mission for God.

Understanding Spiritual Gifts

May 20, 2018 • Lead Pastor David Sulcer

When the Holy Spirit comes into our lives He gives us supernatural abilities so that we can advance the mission of God. Too often these gifts are misunderstood and sometimes even feared. What we need to realize is that they are simply meant to strengthen and empower the Body of Christ.

The Meaning of Pentecost

May 13, 2018 • Lead Pastor David Sulcer

What does it mean to be filled with the Spirit? Many people too often reject the Holy Spirit because of confusion or a misunderstanding of His role in their life. When you look at the meaning behind the day of Pentecost it is clear that being filled with the Spirit is an essential part of following Jesus.

A Breath of Fresh Air

May 6, 2018 • Lead Pastor David Sulcer

There's often a lot of confusion and misconceptions about the Holy Spirit. This week, take a deep breath and plunge into a better understanding of who the person of the Holy Spirit is and what His role is in your life!