Goal Mining

Digging Deeper for Your Purpose

Part 4 - The Gold in My Goals

January 22, 2017 • Campus Pastor Herb Reisig

As Christians, they key to our entire belief system is faith. We all need to have faith. Hebrews tells us that faith is something hoped for, but not seen. Our Goals can be a declaration of what we hope for in God. What are you trusting God to do in your life?

Part 3 - Managing My Tomorrows

January 15, 2017 • Lead Pastor David Sulcer and Campus Pastor Herb Reisig

What is worth the investment of my time? Time is a resource and how we use it is important. Unfortunately, too often we waste time chasing after or doing things that aren't worth it. The good news is that in Ephesians 5, Paul gives us four great ways to learn time management.

Part 2 - Charting a Financial Future

January 8, 2017 • Campus Pastor Herb Reisig

Once we establish what our Goals are, it's important to then chart a financial future that will allow us to be successful. This could mean saving money for school, investing, or whatever else may need to happen in order for our Goals to become a reality. The Word says that where your money is, there your heart will be also. So the question is, how do we successfully chart a financial future?

Part 1 - Setting God-Centered Goals

January 1, 2017 • Lead Pastor David Sulcer

Where is your life headed? It can be an intimidating question, but it is an important one. Studies show that 95% of Americans have never written down a goal for their life. The truth is that goals have power and when we align our goals with God's plan, we are able to chart a course of blessing and joy.