Net Worth

Laying Up Treasures in Heaven

Part 3 - A Better Investment

December 4, 2016 • Campus Pastor Herb Reisig

In this life, God has given each of us three resources: Time, Talent, and Treasure. Where we invest these resources determines where our heart will be. The best investment we can make is to put our resources towards heavenly things. This means that if we want our resources to grow, we have to give them away!

Part 2 - HDIC Insured

November 20, 2016 • Lead Pastor David Sulcer

It's hard sometimes to see the end from the beginning. We live in a culture of instant gratification, so when we talk about long term investment, it can be hard to wrap our minds around it. When it comes to our time, talent, and treasure, the Bible is clear, we are work towards the long-term investment. Our eyes should be fixed on the eternal hope of Heaven and not the things of this world.

Part 1 - Portfolio Management

November 13, 2016 • Campus Pastor Herb Reisig

By worldly standards we look at someone's financial health in terms of how much they have saved, how much they have to spend, how much their investments are worth, etc. This determines their net worth. Jesus tells us Matthew, however, that we are to lay up treasures in Heaven and in doing so, we need to expand our understanding of financial value.