Part 2 - A Satisfied Soul

March 26, 2017 • Lead Pastor David Sulcer • Westminster Campus Audio

The soul is one of the things that sets human beings apart from the rest of the created order. It is the thing that connects us to God in a special way. Many times the word soul is synonymous with spirit. What's interesting is that our soul's are thirsty, and what we choose to quench that thirst will ultimately determine the condition of our spirit.

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Part 4 - A Supernatural Strength

April 9, 2017 • Lead Pastor David Sulcer

In the final part of this series we are looking at Jesus' command to love God with all of our strength. Our bodies are the part of us that makes internal beliefs actionable in the real world. It's not just about believing something internally, but allowing that belief to turn into a behavior.

Part 3 - A Renewed Mind

April 2, 2017 • Campus Pastor Herb Reisig

Usually, the term "brainwashing" would be a bad thing. Get up and run the other way! The truth is, however, as Christians we need a good old fashion brainwashing. Often we say we love God with our Hearts, but we question Him with our minds. There is a war going on inside of our heads pulling us to focus on ourselves, culture, and the lies of the enemy.

Part 1 - A Transformed Heart

March 19, 2017 • Campus Pastor Herb Reisig

“I Love You” is one of the most basic, most life-giving sounds to the human heart. As human beings, we were created to love. Though our hearts were made for love, however, we seem to be incapable of doing it right.