God As Father

The Father and Our Prayers

July 30, 2023 • Pastor Chris McGregor • Matthew 7:7–9

Jesus modelled the kind of relationship that God, our Heavenly Father, wants to have with us. In Matthew 7, Jesus teaches us how to A.S.K. when we feel like it, and especially when we don't. He teaches us to keep knocking on heaven's door. Listen in as we are reminded of a Father who deeply cares for our needs, and how he wants us to ask him for the needs in front of us.

The Father's Tears

July 23, 2023 • Pastor Chris McGregor

Thinking about God as a Father can be difficult for some people. None of our earth fathers are perfect, and our experience with our earth fathers can make it painful to think about God in this way. Listen today as Pastor Chris brings a Scripture that most people don't know about. It helps fill in the picture for us of a God who not only loves us, but a God who sees and captures each tear that falls.

Spiritual Markers

July 16, 2023

It is one thing to know a little bit about The Bible. It is entirely different when you activate Scripture into the events and circumstances of your own life. Listen as guest speaker, and the Uncle to Yanci, Stran Smith shares a powerful message about activating Scripture into your life.