Brand New

New Brand // Brand New: Episode 4

April 28, 2024

A brand is a promise from a company to its customers. Every company, every school, every family has a unique brand that sets it apart. What is the brand of Christianity? Jesus made that answer very plain just hours before his crucifixion. A better question is, Are Christians living that brand?

New Family // Brand New: Episode 3

April 21, 2024 • Bruno Oliveira

New Heart // Brand New: Episode 2

April 14, 2024 • Pastor Chris McGregor

In the Bible, the heart is much more than a physical entity.  The heart represented our will, morality, and the centre of our being.  While we tend to focus on fixing external realities, God focused on the internal. We life hack our way to make marginal gains, while God works on total transformation.  Watch or listen to Sunday’s sermon from Pastor Chris as he unpacks why the cross and resurrection means not mere maintenance, but a brand new heart. 

New Creation // Brand NEW: Episode 1

April 7, 2024 • Pastor Chris McGregor

If anyone can describe the transformation that Jesus can provide, it is the Apostle Paul.  He started his career directly opposed to Jesus and Christianity. In fact, he was present at the martyrdom of Stephen in the book of Acts.  It was Paul who wrote about the “New Creation” that Jesus offers his followers.  Listen or watch as Pastor Chris started a new teaching series called, Brand New.