In Montreal As It Is In Heaven

Living the Way of Jesus in Our City

Israel, Palestine and The End Times

October 15, 2023 • Pastor Chris McGregor

As Hamas inflicted terror on Israel, another match re-ignited between the Palestinians and Israelis. Peace for the Middle East has always seemed elusive, but this recent conflict threatens to embroil the surrounding nations into a larger conflict. Some say we are living in the end times. Others are not so sure. Let's listen in to the words of Jesus as we grieve with this recent global conflict, and pray for lasting peace.

A Father and Two Sons

October 22, 2023 • Pastor Chris McGregor • Luke 15

Have you ever heard the story of the Prodigal Son? That is actually a bad title because the story isn't about the younger brother, or the older brother. The story is about the father...a Prodigal God. This is not only one of the most important stories from Jesus, it is fundamental to understanding the Christian faith. It tells us a lot about God, about the slippery nature of sin, and why religious people are often the most lost. Listen carefully to this famous story and assess which brother you are. The answer will surprise you.

The Wonder of Hospitality

October 8, 2023 • Pastor Chris McGregor

Living the Way of Jesus in Montreal

September 24, 2023 • Pastor Chris McGregor, Danielle Kisser

Danielle Kisser (Cekanor) came from Vancouver to Montreal to swim on Canada's Paralympic Swimming Team. During her seven years in the city and with City Church, she put down deep roots, established incredible relationships, and made a permanent impression upon us. Listen in as Pastor Chris talks with Danielle about her time in Montreal, within City Church, and what God can do when we put down roots.

In Montreal As It Is In Heaven Part 2

September 17, 2023 • Pastor Chris McGregor

In Montreal As It Is In Heaven Part 1

September 10, 2023 • Pastor Chris McGregor