Lens of Faith

Voice of Faith

May 10, 2015 • Brandon Ball

God declares what the End of a situation looks like while standing at the Beginning. You were created to Function just like Him, so you can actually decide the outcome of any situation! Sound too good to be true? Listen in as Pastor Brandon teaches how to use your Voice to release your Faith.

Action of Faith

May 3, 2015 • Brandon Ball

Faith is more than just a desire, a wish, or a feeling. In this message, Pastor Brandon gives a very practical definition of faith, and explains what to do once faith comes.

Perspective of Patience

April 26, 2015 • Brandon Ball

Lens of Faith: Perspective of Patience 36:36 4/26/15 Consider this - The leading edge of an airplane wing determines how the air flows over the entire wing. A bad leading edge equals turbulence. In the same way, when trials arise, your Leading Thought determines your level of joy through the challenge. Listen in for much more!

Attitude Check

April 19, 2015 • Brandon Ball

Perspective is not What you see, but How you see it. In this message, Pastor Brandon explains how to see life through the lens of faith, finding far more opportunities to rejoice.

The Filter of Faith

April 12, 2015 • Brandon Ball

In this message, Pastor Brandon explains the importance of viewing life through the filter of faith, allowing you to enjoy life always, regardless of external circumstances.

The Forensics of Grace

April 5, 2015 • Brandon Ball

In this Easter message, Pastor Brandon explains how God put the Amazing into Grace.