Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

September 30, 2018 • Tricia Gunn

It's not about being Sin-Conscious, it's about being Jesus-Conscious! Guest Speaker, Tricia Gunn, takes us through the eye-opening revelation of what Jesus did for you on the Cross!

Swiss Army Faith

April 14, 2019 • Brandon Ball

“Try harder! You’re almost there!” These popular exhortations work well on people striving for life in an earthly kingdom. Let’s not make the mistake of bringing those charges into our heavenly kingdom. There is no TRY in Christ. There is only TRUST. Trying to love more, trying to be patient, trying to be godly. These efforts will kill you. Let’s do it Jesus’ way, and rest in His finished work. You’ll be amazed at the resulting effortless production of love, patience, and godliness!


April 7, 2019 • Brandon Ball

As the sound of God’s Promise (your righteousness) grows louder and louder, you’ll notice the accusations and distractions of the world around you grow weaker. Keeping the gift of Christ as your focus has the inevitable effect of pointing you back to the abundance of peace and grace you already have in your spirit.

What Not to Wear

March 31, 2019 • Brandon Ball

As the revelation of your perfect righteousness continues to grow in your heart, an amazing transformation begins simultaneously – your behavior begins to shift towards reflecting your true identity.