Armour Up

Armour Up (Part 04)

March 8, 2020 • Pastor Jeff Johnston

Sword of the Spirit: The word of God is a POWERFUL WEAPON against a POWERFUL spiritual ENEMY Fitted Feet: Spiritual shoes help us STAND FIRM and GET MOVING GET MOVING: Gospel of Peace for UNBELIEVERS STANDING FIRM: Gospel of Peace for BELIEVERS Our Secret Weapon: PRAYING in the SPIRIT All OCCASIONS. All PRAYERS. All PEOPLE.

Armour Up (Part 03)

March 1, 2020 • Pastor Jeff Johnston

Two layers of the Breastplate of Righteousness: 1 - A perfect righteousness that is ASSIGNED. This is RECEIVED from Jesus. 2 - A personal righteousness that is DEVELOPED. This is PURSUED by us. CAST OFF before you PUT IT ON. Two layers of the Shield of Faith: 1 - Faith expressed as our BELIEF. 2 - Faith expressed in our OPERATION. Shield of Faith doesn't just DEFLECT fiery darts, but EXTINGUISHES them.

Armour Up (Part 02)

February 23, 2020 • Pastor Jeff Johnston

Why the Belt of Truth? To HARNESS the POWER. We need the HOLY SPIRIT to SHOW us Truth. We need HUMILITY to RECEIVE Truth. Why the Helmet of Salvation? To COVER what we KNOW, and GOVERN what we DO. We need His SALVATION to inform our TRUTH, and His TRUTH to inform our SALVATION.

Armour Up (Part 01)

February 17, 2020 • Pastor Jeff Johnston

BIG IDEA: We can stand up to any ATTACK and all OPPOSITION of the enemy. The STRUGGLE is real and it is SPIRITUAL The enemy has SCHEMES for EVERYONE Be STRONG in the LORD Be STRONG in your ARMOUR Don't yield a FOOT or bow an INCH